The Backstory

Not to long ago, my friend and chef, Mario, lost his restaurant to a dubious landlord. Mario is a great guy and a great chef. So when I found the perfect space on Hollywood Blvd, I asked Mario to bring his authentic Oaxaca cuisine to these streets. He agreed and has since been bringing happiness to Hollywood through happy stomachs.

Our Kitchen Craftsmen

Mariothe boss
Mario was born in the heart of Mexico. At the age of two his fashioned his first taco. At the age of 12 he set the record for the fastest Taco Man in all of Guelatao. He stands a towering 5’4″ and weighs in at approximately 135lb. Some call him “Papa Taco”. Most just call him “Mario”. And if you come to his restaurant he will not allow you to leave with anything but a full stomach. Come meet him, but whatever you do, don’t ask about his scar.
Fernandothe right hand
Fernando was born in Oaxaca, Mexico. Six years ago he left home and came to Los Angeles with one mission: to greet people and take orders at the finest Mexican restaurant he could find. Dare him to ride the tallest roller coaster you can think of, he will accept. Fernando’s only fear is an unhappy customer. Don’t scare Fernando.
Jonathan the other right hand
Johnathan, aka, the left hand. Is the son of none other than Papa Taco himself. Just as Oaxaca cuisine was passed down to Mario, so it will be passed down another generation. Don’t fret, Mexican food is in good hands.

Our Yelp Reviews

Ok I don’t even know where to begin with this place…. I’ve been here 5 times since they’ve been open and it keeps getting better…the breakfast burrito…the mulitas…tortas…sopes…and now the chicken fajitas?!?! WOW this spot is a gem, yes it’s not the typical LA authentic Mexican ‘food truck’ but lets be honest, A CLEAN, LOCALLY SOURCED, restaurant that serves authentic Mexican is much much better in my opinion….that’s not to say you want find me at Taco Zone at 2am in Echo Park but let’s be real, THIS IS REALLY IT — please come in and try for yourself if for some odd reason you have any doubts. THIS IS WHAT LA NEEDS. 5 FULL STARS TO MAMA CHELA’s!!
Chase H.
Not what you’d expect for its location. The inside is quaintly decorated and the staff is friendly. The prices and selection were simple. We ordered one of each taco, the steak torta and a side of rice and beans…all of the food was tasty and fresh. I would come back here, for sure!
Chantel B.
It’s really hard to find Mexican food in LA that is delicious, authentic, and affordable in such a delightfully charming and pleasant restaurant. Mama Chela’s checks all those boxes. I strongly recommend the burritos which are filling and flavorful but also somehow don’t make you feel overly full or bloated. I think it’s because the chicken is fresh and well seasoned and NOT coated in grease like some other places. I’ll be heading back asap to try their breakfast menu!
Daniel M
Was in the Hollywood area and found this neighborhood gem. Very authentic menu and more importantly, very tasty and reasonably priced. We had the Sopes and Mulitas – Both made to perfection – great texture and ingredients seem very fresh. Nice, relaxing atmosphere so definitely worth a stop if you’re in the area.
Bill J
I couldn’t decide on which taco to order so I ended up or ding one of each – all were great. Definitely a great new find in the neighborhood. The salsa sauces and guacamole we’re also big hit with our group.
Jp L.